Sherita Charmaze White


Broken by Man's Words Healed by God's Words

Sherita C. White takes readers on a journey to discover the impact of both negative and positive words, and how they affect individuals, families, and communities. This book will help you dig deep to see the negative effects of verbal abuse and cause you to reevaluate how you speak to others.


Broken by Man's Words Healed by God's Words
Breaking Word Curses
(Prayer Journal)

       Now you have an an amazing prayer journal to write your prayers and  prayer against word curses on your goals and even pray with a schedule and a plan

Book Launch

       The book signing event was held at a local bookstore where fans gathered to meet the author, discuss the book, and get their copies signed. The author held a Q&A session and spent an hour signing books and chatting with fans who appreciated their approachability. Overall, it was a successful and enjoyable event that allowed fans to deepen their connection to the book. 


PRAY! “before you say it!”


If Jesus let me off the hook


Reviews From Readers

This is a powerful book full of gold nuggets to help the reader be more aware of the words we use. I loved all the scripture referenced throughout the book. This book is a great reminder of how important every single word that comes out of our mouth is and how we can affect others in a powerful positive way or a destructive way. I’m thankful to Sherita for allowing God to use her in writing this book. It is a must read! Your character and those to whom you are around daily will benefit greatly from this.


Everything about this book was informative, educational and teachable. I enjoyed the transitioning of how she used her experiences and backed it up with scripture. I even found myself repenting for words I spoken out of ignorance. I would recommend it those who are using there words loosely not aware of the consequences but want change and healing. Get this book. Great job Ms. Sherita White.

- Tierra mitchell

This book spoke truth about the positive and negative impact words make on us as individuals, within the family structure and in society. Sherita’s use of scripture sends a strong biblical conviction of how we are to speak and treat others. She clearly defines statistics, situations and outcomes while offering hope of healing to anyone who has experienced harshness at the mouths of others. I found her book to be faith filled and straightforward. I recommend this book as a reminder to us all to be mindful of what we speak and what we

- Kim Doran

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Broken by Man’s Words Healed by God’s Words

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